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Prince2 Foundation & Practitioner Certification(Self-Paced)

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A Succinct overview of PRINCE2® Principles, Themes and Processes. PRINCE2® provides guidance that gives individuals and organizations the essentials of running a project. PRINCE2® is easy to learn and a flexible method that can adapt to all types of project.

The PRINCE2 methodology is a generic project management framework, based on proven principles that are designed to help deliver projects successfully. The PRINCE2 qualification is also globally recognised, endorsed by the UK government and now used increasingly around the globe as a best practice framework for project management.

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Course Duration

You will undergo self-paced learning where you will get an in-depth knowledge of various concepts that will be covered in the course.

Real-life Case Studies

Towards the end of the training, you will be working on a project where you will implement the techniques learnt to visualize.


Each class has practical assignments which shall be finished before the next class and helps you to apply the concepts taught during

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This course is to provide detailed insight into PRINCE2®  methodology. The first 4 days cover what, how and why's of PRINCE2® . The last 4 days are about understanding the management product in details and the application of PRINCE2® through case studies

PRINCE2® Certification Program will enable you to learn how to: 

1. Manage projects or work in a project environment using the most globally recognized project management method. 

2. Deliver to budget, quality and time, while mitigating risks, managing inter-dependencies and identifying opportunities. 

3. Use a Structured approach with controls to provide a delivery methodology that works repeatedly and will enable you to successfully deliver projects. 

4. Design plans and reports to meet the needs of each level in the project team and Project Board, therefore, improving communication and control.

This Course is designed for all those Individuals looking to gain knowledge on the PRINCE2® methodology and best practices of Project Management. Ideally suited for Project Managers, Project Planners, Project Leaders, Project Directors, Software Professionals, Program Managers, Department Heads for Information Technology.

There are No Prerequisites to appear for PRINCE2® Foundation Exam. However you need to be PRINCE2® Foundation Certified to appear for PRINCE2® Practitioner.

1. Makes you aware of the Best Practices in Project Management

2. Acts as Qualification/Disqualification Criteria for Top Paying Project Management Jobs in the UK and Europe 

3. Recognizes your Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities Globally 

4. Lead to Career Opportunities and Advancement 

5. Increases Chances of Getting Better Jobs at the Mid/Senior Level 

6. Contribute towards Enhancing/ Improving organizational project management processes 

7. Shows your commitment to the Project Management profession

Learning Objectives - In this module, you will understand the integrated elements of PRINCE2® (principles, processes, themes and tailoring) within a work environment. Understand the benefits and principles underlying a structured approach to project management. Help delegates to operate effectively with colleagues and managers within a structured project management environment.


Learning Objectives - In this module, you will understand the Seven Principles and how they can be applied along with the process and themes 

Topics - 

PRINCE2® Principles – Continued business justification.

PRINCE2® Principles -Learn from experience.

PRINCE2® Principles -Defined roles and responsibilities.

PRINCE2® Principles -Manage by stages.

PRINCE2® Principles -Manage by exception.

PRINCE2® Principles -Focus on products.

PRINCE2® Principles -Tailor to suit the project environment.

Learning Objectives - In this module, you will understand the purpose, objective and activities in all the seven  themes and how they can be tailored based on the nature of the project.

Topics - Organization, Business Case, Plan, Quality, Risk, Progress, Change

Learning Objectives - In this module, you will understand the purpose, objective and activities in all the seven  processes and how they can be tailored based on the nature of the project

Topics - 

Directing a Project,

Starting up a Project,

Initiating a Project,

Managing Stage Boundaries,

Controlling a Stage,

Managing Product Delivery,

Closing a Project

Learning Objectives- In this module, you will understand how themes and processes can be tailored based on the size and complexity of the project.

Topics - Tailoring PRINCE2® for various project scenario

Learning Objectives- In this Module, you will be discussing lot of Case studies and PRINCE2® Project Management method.

Topics - Case studies, Project management method, Exam preparation